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Wishing all of us  a wonderful  2017 and may those in power take a step forward to World peace.

Hi and  Welcome, I hope you enjoy my site and I welcome your feedback  please feel free to sign the guest book or send me an E mail if I can help I will, paranormal happenings, etc but no sorry  I don't do on line readings, readings should always be private and on-line you can not be confident, of who has access.
To contact Shirley 

01493 271459  -  07809121058

Required By Law
Readings are to be treated at Entertainment only, But as a free thinking  intelligent individual you should be able to make your own mind up as to the content of your reading. However any actions you take after your communication will be down to your own discretion.All readings are private and will not be discussed with anyone else unless with your permission.

Private Readings

Reading last around an hour and a half and recording on to CD,  Contact on the above number to book   

Clairvoyant House Parties...

 Having a birthday or just want a get together with a difference how about holding a psychic party, gather together between six and twelve people, at your home or a friends get them to bring along some nibbles and some drinks, each in turn  gets a private reading which will be put on to CD and you have a great get time.  

.Paranormal workshops...

Learn how to use Paranormal equipment safely and with respect afterward we will conduct a paranormal investigation  you will be split into small teams lead by an experienced  paranormal investigator, who is there to assist you . only after you have concluded the investigation will you be told the history of the haunting. 

Mind Body& Spirit Fairs..

Shirley is available for Readings at various locations 

Trance & Psychic workshops...
These will be either be  a one day event or a weekend event.
 Where you will either be deepening your ability or learning how to use your ability.

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